Thursday, December 15, 2011

A New Blog Home

Last week, we unveiled our brand new, completely redesigned Pinnacle Advisory Group website. When we started the Echoes from the Pit blog in 2009, we kept it separate from the company site, since there was really no place to host it there. However, with our new online home, we're now bringing our investment blog over. Echoes from the Pit will continue -- make no mistake -- but it will do so over at the main Pinnacle website. If you've been receiving Echoes from the Pit updates by email, you'll continue to get them without interruption.

Here's the new Pinnacle website.

And here's a shortcut directly to Echoes from the Pit. We'll be adding some recognizable "Echoes" imagery to it in the next week, but all the content is right there now. (Be sure to bookmark it.)

This is a great opportunity to explore Pinnacle's new site. There's a lot to see: In addition to our investment posts, we'll also be carrying helpful articles on money management, and regular video profiles, interviews and mini-documentaries.

We're going to keep this page up for a month so readers see the announcement. Then in mid-January, we'll put an autoforward on this address so that visitors are taken automatically to the new site.

We'll see you over there!