Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Perils of Blogging

Welcome to our blog, Echoes from the Pit. The name “Echoes from the Pit” is a fond reference to the space where Pinnacle’s three analysts ply their trade, which happens to be right next to my office. The Pit, as we call it, is actually a relatively small space that is stuffed with multiple computer screens and TV monitors that are constantly blinking with different colored charts and graphs that our analysts use to better understand the investment world. I suppose that even though three guys spend their days working there it is anything but a “Pit.” Nevertheless, “The Pit” it has been and I believe the “The Pit” it will stay.

This is our blog, and to be honest I don’t read blogs. I’m uncomfortable in not knowing who the writer is and more importantly, what are his or her qualifications to pontificate on the subject at hand. Why should I spend my time reading the blog of someone who turns out to be a high-school dropout? For a 52 year-old technologically challenged guy like me, blogging must be like email was to my parents…a nuisance that will surely go away soon. I am assured by the younger and smarter people here at Pinnacle that blogging is actually a terrific way to communicate what goes on in the investment team, and since communicating what we do here for our current and prospective clients is a big part of my job, I figure we will give it a shot.

Rick, Carl, Sean, and I will faithfully be writing about the investment news of the day in this space and time will tell if it helps to achieve our goal of helping our readers to better understand how we do what we do. I hope it makes for intelligent and insightful reading. However, let me say this right now….don’t even talk to me about Twitter!